Oracle RDA modules, profiles and security filter

Running the Remote Diagnostics Assistant from Oracle is always a pain with so many questions.

Today I took a bit more time reading the Readme and I found you can avoid most of the questions by using predefined profiles.

 Today I was running on a 10g RAC, so what I did for the setup was (instead of ./ -S)

./ -S -p Rac_Assessment

With this I had only questions about the SID, way to connect, if there is OCFS, ASM… but no questions about the 300 other Oracle products…

More information on Metlink note: Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) 4 – Profile Manual Pages [ID 391983.1]

Something interesting also, it that you can remove more sensitive data from the RDA report. The readme says:

RDA allows you to remove sensitive data from RDA reports. The security profile can be used to turn on filtering and can be combined with other profiles. For example:
    -S -p DB10g-Security 
This will do the RDA setup for the DB10g profile and turn on filtering through the Security profile. If you want to enable the filtering for an existing setup:
    -X Filter enable

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