Keyboard for a computer scientist

After working more than 5 years with either an US or English keyboard, I find very difficult to get used to a Swiss keyboard. This is not the case for writing e-mails, but mostly for working. Unfortunately by being a consultant now I’ve often to work on clients terminals and their installed keyboard, not giving even the opportunity to hang around with a US keyboard for my pleasure.

Why the US or English keyboard are better for computer scientists?

– you have easy access to the brackets (), [], {}, which are always in two different keys and not hidden away with AltGr;
– you have easy access to <> in two different keys, not needing to make sure the shift is pressed or not.
– Also comma ´ and ‘ are different keys;
– The slashes / are both in logical places
– The @ is accessible with a simple Shift key, like is the pipe |

And you can also easily use the US-International keyboard to write in many languages, including the portuguese where you have ã,à,é,ç…

I hope that soon will be easier to change keyboards on the OSes and also that a better universal standard (at least for roman alphabet based) appears.

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