New ‘My Oracle Support’

Since this weekend, the is called just “Dashboard”. Previously (still seen on it was called “My Oracle Support | Dashboard”.

Since years that Oracle tries to improve their paid support website, with little success. From the time of Metalink, the search speed is still a big handicap. The usability and mainly the user interface do not get any improvement from version to version.

There is the “APEX” layout which I personally don’t like. Then the choice of colors, gradients and curved edges which are all out of fashion and with lack of contrast for today’s webpages standards.

Let’s say what improved in the last 7 or 8 years in the support Oracle website:

  • we can see service request messages history while adding more content
  • we can see the list of files already uploaded to a service request and download them if necessary
  • the search results are a more intelligent (if there is no misspell).

However there is one thing that still I find incomprehensible: the lack of speed of the search engine.

Will it be there one time that a “Google like” (well, maybe the expectation is too high) search engine will be deployed at My Oracle Support?

Just to finish, a first points where the new “My Oracle Support” html version is behind the flash version:

  • no highlight of service request on “customer working” status

And a point where there is an improvement:

  • you can now resize the tables on the dashboard to see more “Service Requests” or more “News”.

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