Goldengate, RAC One node and PROCESSTHREADS parameter

I use Goldengate on classic capture mode to replicate several RAC One Node databases to an external system.
Since the first time there was a relocation of the RAC One Node database, there are two redo log threads (because the DB was temporarily a 2-node RAC).

Now the current thread# has changed and GoldenGate complaints that he cannot access anymore to the redologs.

What was necessary to do was:

1. Check which is the current thread:

SQL> select thread# from v$log where status=’CURRENT’; –> current=1

2. Add to the extract parameter file the parameter:

3. Recreate the extract with:

delete extract e_xx
add extract e_xx tranlog threads 2 begin now
add exttrail /oraacfs/goldengate/gg/dirdat/e_xx/xx extract e_xx

4. Check with
info e_xx
that the RBA for one of the threads increases with the time.

All this should not be needed when running in integrated capture mode.

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