Who does MobaXterm?

Since few years that intermittently I use MobaXterm for accessing remote servers. It is very well done and great replacement for Putty, with tabbed ssh interface, integrated X11 and sftp solution.

But the main reason why I don’t fully use it is because I don’t know who develops it. The website of MobaXterm just has a contact form, no address, no name.

By doing some research one can find that Mobatek is a company based in a village East of Toulouse, France. The address can be seen here and the picture of the place can be seen on google maps. It is a very simple house, not a headquarters of a company as I would expect. Searching some more we end up at this engineer, which seems to be project manager at Thales Alenia Space.

The question remains: just a hobby? a secondary employment?

When seeing a software so well made one would expect to be part of some bigger company, at least with bigger apparence.

The only thing that conforts me is that the source code of MobaXterm is available here. But someone has checked it?

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