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Oracle wallet on Windows registry – share with other users

I installed Oracle wallet to access passwordless to the remote databases, so I could do backups without specifying the password on any script.

The sqlnet.ora has the following information concerning the wallet:

(METHOD = reg)


The other day, I got the need of giving access to remote databases to another windows user, so he could run a refresh schema/database script.

He was getting the following error when trying to access any database:

ORA-12578: TNS:wallet open failed

While I could just have set a different TNS_ADMIN variable pointing to a sqlnet.ora with


this was not the solution for him to use an automatic script.

The solution was to export/import the following branch of the registry from my windows user to the other windows user:


Note that these entries contain the encrypted password to the wallet, allowing the user to add/remove/modify/see the contents, including passwords, of the current wallet.

Solution for slow login after installing Oracle Linux

After installing Oracle Linux on Virtualbox, I noticed that login in was quite slow. Between the time we enter the login and the moment it asks the password it takes a few seconds.

The solution was to disable the usage of reverse IP resolution on the ssh server.

It can be done by adding/changing the following line on /etc/ssh/sshd_config

UseDNS no

And restart the ssh deamon:

# service sshd restart
Stopping sshd:                                [ OK ]
Starting sshd:                                [ OK ]