CloneDB: terminating the instance due to error 17514

While getting adventureous and trying to enable clonedb on a RAC database running on ASM (set clonedb parameter=true and restart the database), I got this error on alert log:

Mon Nov 16 11:11:40 2015
CloneDB: created bitmap file RAC_bitmap.dbf
USER (ospid: 15767): terminating the instance due to error 17514

RAC is the name of the database. The <SID>_bitmap.dbf file was correctly created on $ORACLE_HOME/dbs

Then it just crash the instance. Google and Metalink did not yet indexed this error. But here its description:

$ oerr ora 17514
17514, 00000, "Access to clonedb bitmap file failed"
// *Cause: Accessing the bitmap block file in clonedb environment has
// encountered an error
// *Action: check additional error messages in the trace file and call
// Oracle Support Services

The trace files did not help much. I did not investigate the problem further.

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