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Goldengate 12.2 – ERROR OGG-00041 Data source not specified. 1

While testing the new Goldengate 12.2 with a training material I’ve been doing, I got the error:

2016-03-29 15:36:00 ERROR OGG-00041 Data source not specified. 
2016-03-29 15:36:00 ERROR OGG-01668 PROCESS ABENDING.

This when configuring the most simple integrated extract.

Looking at the ggserr.log did not gave any other idea.

After opening a SR with Oracle, I decided to try the same configuration on Goldengate 12.1. And to my surprise the error was “clearer”:

2016-03-29 16:15:51 ERROR OGG-00303 Unrecognized parameter (EXTRACT e_hr).

Immediatly it come to my mind that the problem was related to my copy/paste from powerpoint (training material I’m doing) to the putty window. Doing ‘:set list’ in vi did not show any strange character, but after recreating the extract parameter file from scratch with exactly the same parameters, it worked like a charm.

Go back test on Goldengate 12.2 and no error either.

So, if you have OGG-00041 error, it can be just that Goldengate is not interpreting well the parameter file.

Meanwhile, another problem on Goldengate 12.2 is that it crashes when you delete an extract while connected to a database.