Daily Archives: 02.10.2019

Check if Unified Audit is enabled without database running

I wanted to check if the binaries had Unified Audit enabled without using a database (because it was not yet created).

This is part of libknlopt.a library. Depending on which files are inside, it enables or disables options.

For Unified Auditing your can use:

case $(ar t ${ORACLE_HOME}/rdbms/lib/libknlopt.a | grep 'kza.ang.o') in "kzaiang.o") R="enabled" ;; "kzanang.o") R="disabled" ;; *) R="unknown" ;; esac && echo "Unified audit => $R"

For many other options (but not yet Unified Audit) you can check MOS note: How to Check and Enable/Disable Oracle Binary Options (Doc ID 948061.1)