Useful aliases for ODA Patching

Patching an Oracle Database Appliance can be tiring. The ODA patching commands are quite long and there is always a jobid to check… So I just created a set of alias that make these tasks a bit easier:

# List jobs run today - $ jt
alias jt="odacli list-jobs -o $(date +%Y-%m-%d)"

# Describe one job - $ j <id>
alias j="odacli describe-job -i $1"

# Describe last job created - $ lj
alias lj='odacli describe-job -i $(odacli list-jobs -tl 1 | sed -n 4p | cut -d" " -f1)'

# Describe last prepatch report - $ lpr
alias lpr='odacli describe-prepatchreport -i $(odacli list-jobs -tl 1 | sed -n 4p | cut -d" " -f1)'

# Show free space of / /u01 and /opt - $ dff
alias dff="df -h / /u01 /opt"

# Describe components - $ comp
alias comp="odacli describe-component"

# Tail -f DCS Agent log - $ tal
alias tal="tail -f /opt/oracle/dcs/log/dcs-agent.log"

Maybe you have other suggestions?

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