My ADRCI cheatsheet

Check last problems

adrci> show problem -last 10
adrci> show incident -last 10

adrci> show incident -p "incident_id=180781" -mode detail

Create Package

adrci> ips create package problem 5
adrci> ips generate package 1 in "/tmp"


Value for control is hours

adrci> show control
adrci> set control (SHORTP_POLICY = 720)   /* 30 days */
adrci> set control (LONGP_POLICY= 8760)   /* 1 year */

Value for purge is minutes

adrci> purge -age 1440  /* 1 day */

Fix “No ADR base is set”

Sometimes also “DIA-48494: ADR home is not set”

SQL> select value from v$diag_info where name='ADR Base';

Create a ${ORACLE_HOME}/log/diag/adrci_dir.mif file with:

$ mkdir -p ${ORACLE_HOME}/log/diag/
$ printf "%s\0" "/u01/app/oracle" > ${ORACLE_HOME}/log/diag/adrci_dir.mif

DIA-48448: This command does not support multiple ADR homes

Use set home diag/xxxxx (remove the ORACLE_BASE path)

adrci> show problems -last 10

ADR Home = /u01/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/mydb1/MYDB1:

adrci>  set home diag/rdbms/mydb1/MYDB1

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