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  • The OPatch, .patch_storage and its space issues: the solutions!

    I love database patching and apart of the tiring coordination work or the applications that keep to not automatically reconnect to the database, all is usually perfect and issue free. Well, almost. The most common error are space issues. You can try to follow the Oracle guidelines and have a 100 GB partition for the […]

  • Solution for ODA 19.13 list-availablepatches error

    After patching an ODA to 19.13, often we have the error The workaround provided by Oracle on the 19.13 “Known Issues” is incomplete and might not solve the problem in many cases. The complete solution is to change all patchmetadata.xml files where this “targetVersion” is missing. Here is the sed command that creates a backup […]

  • Useful aliases for ODA Patching

    Patching an Oracle Database Appliance can be tiring. The ODA patching commands are quite long and there is always a jobid to check… So I just created a set of alias that make these tasks a bit easier: Maybe you have other suggestions?

  • gDBClone – Good and easy Oracle cloning tool with potential

    Instead of writing and adapting cloning scripts for each client, I was looked today at gDBClone script, provided by Oracle note gDBClone Powerful Database Clone/Snapshot Management Tool (Doc ID 2099214.1). Ruggero Citton did an excellent work and I believe that for most of situations and mainly in a development environment with the need of fast […]

  • Datapatch and Tablespace Full

    Yesterday on a simple 19.13 patching session, got a nice error during datapatch: ORA-01691: usable to extend lob segment in Tablespace SYSTEM ! Got a bit scared, but simple added more space to the tablespace, run datapatch again and all was ok. Maybe patch/datapatch should check also for free space in the SYSTEM Tablespace ? […]

  • New in Oracle 19.12 – Log switch SCN in alertlog

    Just patched few DBs and noticed this change: Before: And with 19.12: Nice touch from Oracle. 🙂