Seek, Sense, Share

That is the logic promoted by Harold Jarche at his blog. I fully agree with it.

You receive a tip, an idea, a task. You investigate, develop, solve the problem. At the end you share the solution, improve others knowledge, document you discoveries.

At a work environment this can be pushed by the usage of a wiki. Everything should be documented on the wiki. And if possible this wiki should be open to the world, showing the best practices developed by the organisation.

Still there are a lot of detractors to this approach

  • workers that are afraid to loose their exclusive knowledge. They will neither ever improve with others feedback and ideas.
  • organisations for which no disclosure applies to everything, even to parts which are not related to heir areas of business.

A way to get a collaborator (team member) to sense and share is to promote internal and external conferences and to promote the sharing of the work in order to improve at the same time global knowledge.


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