Daily Archives: November 18, 2017

Bad companies do meetings. Good companies do parties.

The first thing I’ve done when I become (again) team coordinator was to organise a “pizza and ticket party”. As the client missed to give clear directions and list priorities, the team piled up dozens of tickets. We could not just work extra hours to fix the problem. We needed to build a new spirit. So I suggested a pizza dinner at our company office. We distributed beers, connected to the client environment and for one hour we worked all together just answering and closing tickets. Then we decided the toppings, ordered and had them delivered, finishing a few more tickets meanwhile. We bond close together and the next week I put on a virtual one-hour meeting every afternoon for “ticket party”. Soon after that week, the backlog of tickets from the last three months had decreased from 50 to 5 and the client was happy again.

The motivation is the biggest resource to gain productivity and quality. This is where I aim to when I coordinate a team.