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A drink that makes your day

Today my day was not so good and I was find it difficult to handle and go over it. Until I felt thirsty. I pick up from the juice I bought the other day and find the strange smell different from my beloved ‘apple juice’. Open and drink and found half-way awful. When I decided to look at the label I found that it is a mix of the beloved one with cider and on the corner “4%” alcohol tell it all. All this is fault of buying in a different supermarket than my usual one which, by default, does not sell alcohol. And the bottles are not so different, are they?

Anyway, after this discovery I found much happier.


(written on 8th August 2006, hexapla)

A Toyota Yaris, a woman gets out, closes the door, goes in front of the car to check the lights are off, verifies if door is locked and also if the trunk is locked. Only after she goes work. It’ s 8am. I see this scene everyday from my kitchen’s window. And if she would look at me? Would she see me everyday eating bread with honey?

Photo: the women checking her car one of these mornings (taken 5th March 2007)

“Et moi, je ne suis pas intéressant?”

Cette matin j’ai pris l’appareil photo pour prendre une photo au petit
chariot du facteur et, quand j’ai fait la photo, un monsieur le la voire
a dit “c’est intéressant?” et j’ai répondu affirmativement me
promenant vers la voiture. Et lui dit: “et moi, je ne suis pas
intéressant?”. “Bien sur, je vous faites une photo aussi”.

Dans ces moment là j’aimerais bien rester à parler avec la personne.
Et j’aimerais le donner la photo en papier plus tard. Enfin. Je l’imprimerais et si un jour je le revois on va prendre un café.

Translation: English version
Musique: CD de Vibrations (mars 2007)
Photo: monsieur de la voire de genève devant mon bâtiment (pris 08/mars/2007)

Dance show (I)

(written on 30th March 2006, hexapla)

– I stopped at traffic lights and saw a girl walking a small dog with a lace:

An humanization of dog’s life. Half of the dancers with a lace around the neck being taken by the other half who just do a different dance. “Dog dancers” should fall down as realistic as possible.

Music: none
Picture: Oleg Kulik (taken from

Clean bar

Passing in front of bar à soupe, there was an envelope glued to the door: “back to open in 20 minutes, I needed a shower”. No one could say the owner is english. 🙂 Pity I did not have my camera.

Music: none

Passport, my friend

(written on 16th February 2007, hexapla)

Dear old passport, you will never disappear from my mind. Today I had to give you back for your final destination, when asking for a replacement. Your expiration date was close and I needed to do it. I tried to keep you my old passport, I really did. I tried to pretend I had lost you so you could spend the rest of your days intact and together with me and your replacement. You are special, my old password, you will always be. During 10 years you made me born in 1972, during this 10 years you gave me entry to several countries that I keep wonderful memories. You traveled thousands and thousands of kilometers, you went two times to the other side of the world (Hawaii and Australia), we traveled together to countries like Israel, South Korea, Mozambique, Brazil, Algeria, Gambia and many others. It was missing only the Artic to you (and me).

Dear old passport, rest well, teared apart, wherever all your pieces will go.

3-d olfact sense 1

The other day at the cinema someone was farting. Normal stuff, I also fart quite often. They were not very strong in terms of smell and I was trying to figure out where they were coming from. Then I start thinking if we have a 3 dimensional sense of smell. Can we say which smell is on our right, left, front, back?

Music: Colorado Experimental Radio

Mar e Meco / Marimekko

Sooner or later I would have to create a blog. Maybe it will last few months, but for the moment it’s here:

Few people will automatically understand the play with words of the title of my blog. But I let you discover. I like people that are curious, do not ask but find by them selves. I believe it is an important quality to know how to search and how to find.

The posting plans are few, it will be strange thoughts that come to mind, bizarres experiences I had. I want to make from the blog a bit the first part of the book Sofia is always telling me I should write. I don’t think I should/can do it. But stories will be here.

Music: Nouvelle Vague (Bande à part)
Photo: Lisbon, November 2006, Parque das Nações (taken by Giovanni)