Mar e Meco / Marimekko

Sooner or later I would have to create a blog. Maybe it will last few months, but for the moment it’s here:

Few people will automatically understand the play with words of the title of my blog. But I let you discover. I like people that are curious, do not ask but find by them selves. I believe it is an important quality to know how to search and how to find.

The posting plans are few, it will be strange thoughts that come to mind, bizarres experiences I had. I want to make from the blog a bit the first part of the book Sofia is always telling me I should write. I don’t think I should/can do it. But stories will be here.

Music: Nouvelle Vague (Bande à part)
Photo: Lisbon, November 2006, Parque das Nações (taken by Giovanni)

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