Monthly Archives: September 2007

Scatered feelings

Picasa, Flickr, other? I decided other to keep my pictures and videos as well as a backup area for my stuff. However my hosting provider does not give me more than 2GB of space, not enough for the, maybe, 10GB of images I’ve. I would like to be hosted by but they do not accept domains like mine. tan pis.

Before posting this i found out Quite nice to see others pictures. Voyeurisme?

Wanderlust #3 – Japan

Fifteen days, 30 liters backpack, challenge ‘nomad’ third chapter. The other two were 20 days in Brazil and 9 days in Malaysia (and Singapore). More and more in my head it says that one should buy the essential in the host country and I was not yet capable. But one day I’ll do it.

Leaving Monday with hand-luggage only I’ll spend few days in Tokyo and then move North, stay in temple, go to some mountains and visit Hokkaido. We have a meeting with Yushi in Tokyo, on Wednesday. Another person also in Sapporo, Hokkaido. For sure we will not feel alone.