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Local, Bio or Fairtrade – does pollution counts?

This post relates to honey, sugar and other ingredients you can get both from under develloped countries and your own country.

You can buy honey bio (isn’t all honey bio?, do they grow flowers specially to make honey?) and fair trade that comes from south-america, probably on ships. You can buy, for the same price in Switzerland, honey produced by a little farmer from your region.

With which one do you help better the world? Giving money to ‘south’ countries to improve work conditions but at same time polluting earth with long transportation. Or by buying local products, which supposedly is also ‘fair trade’ for the producer and not polluting the planet?

I vote on the latter option. As much as possible we should retain on local producers and not pollute. At least if the quality is the same.

Le petit squat de La Tour a été évacué hier matin. Il servait de soutien aux autres squats de la ville (jardin d’enfance, bibliothèque et visiteurs temporaires). Après tout la journée de manifestation la Rue de Carouge à terminé comme la photo montre.

Il faut soutenir le squat Rhino, rassemblons nous jeudi à 18h devant le corne. Bistr’ok et Cave12 sont en train de disparaitre. Dizaines de personnes vont être mis dans la rue.

Switzerland – is it enough?

I didn’t put again “Reasons to like Switzerland” as I’m tired of it. But at this page you can see the timetable plans for 2009 (yes, nine) of the Swiss trains. Don’t they have other things to do than thinking always in advance? Be sure that a tunnel will be ready on time, for instance… Argh!

Chunking Express

Cop 663: [to a bar of soap] You’ve lost a lot of weight – you need more self-confidence!

Today, when picking up washing powder, the package seemed much emptier. Has it live? Does it washes something in my absence?

Suggestion: Chunking Express

Meeting point

I’ve just set a meeting point with Luís: Restoran Wilayah Baru – Lebuh Pudu, No 35, on the 9th June at 8pm, for dinner. Where’s this? Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Do you want to join?

A ver passar comboios… / To see trains…

Switzerland has 7.5 million inhabitants. The Abonnement General (166EUR/month) – pass that gives access to any train and also most of public transports all around the country – is owned by 316 thousand people (5% of population) and the Demi Tariff (91EUR/year) – pass that gives 50% discount to any train and most of public transports – is owned by 2 million people (more than 25% of population). The Swiss trains transported 285 million people last year on the 3000km of train lines (Portugal: 133 million passagers for 2830km of lines), however Switzerland is less than half the size and 70% of population).

Links: Swiss numbers, Portuguese numbers