Monthly Archives: January 2008

Car problem

The car: Nissan Sunny, 1.4 SLX, 1992, portuguese plates.
The situation: parked and persecuted at my working place.
The dream: drive it to Russia.
The problem: no insurance, no technical inspection done.
The secondary problem: cannot get insurance without inspection, cannot get inspection outside Portugal, cannot drive to Portugal without insurance.

Possible solution #1: drive to Portugal anyway and solve bureaucratic problems. Drive it back. Very risky due both: no insurance and weak technical condition of the car.

Possible solution #2: send to a scrap yard around here (if they accept). Buy another car when really doing the dream. I’ll cry until the car floats away.

Possible solution #3: register in this country and try to pass the inspection here then get insurance. Most probably I’ll be fined first and fail the certification.

Ideas? Suggestions?

Mes voeux

Apart of being completely layperson, not celebrate much of the much celebrated this time of our calendar, I could completely skip the ‘happy new year’ stuff. The other day my neighbor used the french expression ‘mes voeux’ (my vows), which indeed I could use in reply. You can think I’m referring to the most common cause of this moment, but maybe not. Maybe I’m expressing something really not so good, or not.

Xmas idea #4

A sexy/sensual clothes store with rooms behind. They would offer 1h in a room for big expenses in clothes.

Or male and female shop, couples reserve room in advance, buy clothes and then make the surprise to the partner in the room. An adviser/stylist recommended together with someone to make up.

Or sexy but cheap clothes, made to be teared and then using the above concept to meet up couples.

Xmas idea #3

Electrificar todas as linhas de comboio em portugal.
Xmas ideia #3.1 – Publish the road and train plan for the next 20 years. (they only build, I see no planning)

Xmas idea #2

Eco-drive, showing differences in petrol by going 110, 120, 140, 150 in highway. Also differences in polution. Play eco, drive slow. Also in cities, have respect, avoid breaking, quick starts. Differences in petrol.

Xmas idea #1

Trains to Fátima with transfer to bus at station, taking people to the village in dedicated road. Buses could have wagon number. Road accidents prevention.
The same at Oriente with buses to airport. Part of the train ticket. Lisbon airport train station could be bus only for the moment.

Xmas story #3

Not part of holidays.
Police in switzerland sometimes we see them in a band playing covers of known songs with drums, electric guitar and voice in neighborhoods parties. Other times in roller blades they go with the crowd in monday night skating. The other day I saw one still with the clothes, gun, handcuffs, taking a class of something in a school migros. Nice also when they are eating/buying kebabs.

Xmas story #2

Coming to portugal is fixing computers. Today, however, I managed to break my father desktop, which stopped printing. Still there I know the problem is the windows which is not legal, even if he has a legal CD which was never installed. I’ve to check educational prices of SW to see if it worths buying. And then loose a weekend installing everything back in Lisbon. Other computers this holidays were my aunt, my grand-mother and my father laptop.
Not everything is bad, however. I had to take train and bought its ticket in an ATM at metro station, took the metro to the train station (new line) and was really very quick.

Xmas story #1

Flying low cost is not for me. is like best-price product in supermarket, M-Budget. huge confusion, all portuguese to get in first. baby crying all time, no free nothing. But they know how to do thing with misbehaving people: airplane opens very early while putting fuel; no delay departure; arrival at gate, no bus; lights off until completely stops – people this way do not stand or put mobile phone on. Just claps. Portuguese stuff.