Daily Archives: January 22, 2008

Car problem

The car: Nissan Sunny, 1.4 SLX, 1992, portuguese plates.
The situation: parked and persecuted at my working place.
The dream: drive it to Russia.
The problem: no insurance, no technical inspection done.
The secondary problem: cannot get insurance without inspection, cannot get inspection outside Portugal, cannot drive to Portugal without insurance.

Possible solution #1: drive to Portugal anyway and solve bureaucratic problems. Drive it back. Very risky due both: no insurance and weak technical condition of the car.

Possible solution #2: send to a scrap yard around here (if they accept). Buy another car when really doing the dream. I’ll cry until the car floats away.

Possible solution #3: register in this country and try to pass the inspection here then get insurance. Most probably I’ll be fined first and fail the certification.

Ideas? Suggestions?