CVs to read – guidelines learned

Today I was given the task of creating a short list out of 45 candidates. It was a nice activity from which I learned ‘pas mal de choses’. My selection was based on the CV of the candidates which, for creating a short list, it was more than enough. Only 7 or 8 curriculums filled the requirements of the vacancy notice. Then from these a more deep study would be required.

Things I learned for the future:
– Use the keywords of the vacancy (if you are applying to banana picking, mention bananas)
– Put the more relevant information for the position at the beginning (start with professional experience or education depending when you had the most important banana picking activity). Usually work experience before before the education seems more visible.
– Mention what the banana picking activity included and your achievements (saying that you ‘picked bananas’ is not enough. Mention that ‘picked bananas in a 300hectares field; Followed a course on picking fruits; Good rate of tasty bananas picked’ helps a lot)
– Start on each heading from the most recent date.
– Best to use a unique page, maximum two.
– Send the CV as a PDF, not Word document (formatting changes too much)
– Do not include photo.
– Personal information is not important, should be only for information, but not take much place (you are not better because your wife name is Amanda or you were born in the Soho’s neighborhood).
– Having a web page can help a lot or destroy everything. Choose what you have there when putting the address in the CV.
– Make it easy to read, CV is not a text neither the story of your life.
– Extra activities (besides work, studies) are interesting but try to make it succinct.

Anyway, I must say that I became a bit worried that either you have experience on banana picking (maybe apple picking can be enough) or it is difficult to get a job these days… Unless is your best friend reading CVs.

Now I should go and update my CV following my own guidelines. 🙂

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