Monthly Archives: August 2008

Arabic Geneva 1

“Certains signes ne trompent pas: du 1er au 15 août, le cinéma Central projette des films arabes, en version originale non sous-titrée. Le ticket est à 40 francs.”
(in Tribune de Genève – Faut-il décaler les Fêtes à cause du ramadan? – 6.August.2008 –

La Tour 2 – a different squat end

What is a music band, kids playing in the street along their mother, a giving away of clothes and books mean in front of a building in this city? Another squat is about to end. They invite everyone to the last party and last breakfast (today at 10am). A bit more towards a squared society ruled by the capitalism and evicting any different way of living (which, by chance, is more communal and less profitable for the whole economy).