echos from my country

Like any other country, portugal has its good and bad points. Today I had mostly the good ones. An excellent bacalhau (codfish) in a small restaurant in company of my friend R. and a also a bottle of wine. This kind of restaurant ambiance and food is always portugal to me. Then we moved for a coffee at cinema S. Jorge, an old cinema in downtown lisbon, built with 1927 seats in the 50s but later transformed in 3 rooms, leaving one of them with around 900 places.

This morning after testing my eyes again, this time for changing glasses lenses, i walk lost in lisbon. I love to loose my self in lisbon, is beautiful but unfortunately less and less populated. The city does not appeal people to live and keeps transforming buildings in offices and streets in mega parking spaces, chaoting even more the traffic.

Yesterday i become citizen again by doing my citizen card. First try in Amadora but at 10am they were not giving any more numbers as it was full for the day. Second try in the car service in Lisbon and luckly was raining and I was not affraid of it. Less than ten minutes wait and I did all the papers. Now is only one month to have the card and its multiple codes for doing i don’t know what. Then I test again my contact lenses. I like the opticien I go in lisbon, she cares about me and makes several tests to understand if she should or not change the lenses. Then she gave me a test lens and a new liquid bottle to try next month. And all for free, even the consultation.

Tonight will be lisbon family dinner. Hopefully not too much traffic to go there. I did not manage to convince my family on going by train… One day.

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