Another ‘see you soon’ 1

Talks over lunch, body combat, Lisbon, strange exhibitions, many very nice moments we spent together over the last years.

But there was a night, few years ago, Joanne showed up with K in a bar where I was having an excellent night with L. It was, seems, a private birthday party but L and I were there, having free cocktails, looking at the people, dancing the tubes. Joanne and her friend arrived already a bit happy. Joanne and I laugh and danced, danced until dawn. One of the many good moments I spend with you, for sure you remember. You are leaving for a new life next week. I’ll be doing the same in about one month. I will certainly not forget moments like that night.

Keep in touch Joanne. Ce n’est pas toujours facile à dire ‘à la prochaine’.

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One thought on “Another ‘see you soon’

  • Joanne

    We got dragged along by a slightly crazy girl I’d just met, to a place I’d never been before, to a party of someone I didn’t know, at 2 in the morning…and I’m thinking “what are we doing?”?! We walk in, and the first person I see is you. Sipping your drink like a reprobate. Yes, I remember!

    We only move forwards, but it’s good to look backwards every once in a while.

    I’m going to miss you Miguel. Have adventures, and come back to tell me about them. And in the meantime, I’ll try and have some of my own…