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Velovignette 2012

From this year there is no more the official “Velo-vignette” in Switzerland. It was used to give third-party insurance to the cyclist. Starting this year it is responsibility of the cyclist to have this insurance.

Here you can read in German the history of the bike vignette in Switzerland. It all started in 1892!

For 2012 I’ve proposed Provelo association to create a vignette for its members. This was the quick idea I gave:

But then I wanted to do a vignette which would be similar to the old ones, at least in terms of size. So I did a personal one (hope it does not look too much to MCG party logo…):

Update (14.04.2012) So finally some days later I create a new one, bit more simpler:

If someones wants a personalized velo vignette, please contact me (miguel (at)

Torrent, VOD, libraries, DVDs and alikes

I never used the “MegaUpload” site. But time to time I use torrents. Not because I consider that rights should not be paid to the producers. The reason is that there is no easier option. Even if I’m willing to pay.

These days I wanted to see two movies:
– review Nueve Reinas (2000), which I saw in cinema years ago
– Mr. Smith goes to Washington (1939), which I miss in a movie festival last week.

First I tried the public library, but the movie (Nueve Reinas) was lost even if it appeared in the catalog. Then I try to search a legal Video-on-Demand (VOD) offer. None has those movies available. As last resort I search the torrent and in less than one hour I’ve the movie and subtitles downloaded with reasonable quality. Faster than going to the library.

Read an article in the newspaper while ago about the lack of offer by VOD sites. It said that due to the “rights” they cannot offer the movies:
– in other countries than where the VOD site is placed
– before they leave the cinemas in the country (about 1 to 2 months)
– after the movie is queue for TV transmission (after 6 months of cinema release).

This means that VOD sites currently offer movies during 4/5 months and then they have to remove them from catalog for another while. Then I’ve the unluck not to like blockbusters and the offer squeezes even more.

The torrent offer allows me to pass all this. I think the “MegaUpload” site was similar, but more for TV series.

And more cynical on all this is that the US government runs behind sites that offer these sharing solutions, while are their own citizens the biggest users of them. My idea would be to oblige the producers to increase legal offers and decrease the “rights” limitations based on the countries and where the movie is also displaying. Below my “peers” when downloading the “Mr. Smith goes to Washington”:

iPad2 vs iPad3 technical specs

  • The iPad2 was 33% thinner than the predecessor.
    • The iPad3 is 7% thicker than the predecessor.
  • The iPad 2 was 0.2 pounds lighter than the predecessor.
    • The iPad3 is 0.1 pound heavier than the predecessor.

It the new iPad really better than the predecessor?

Data from: