Velovignette 2012

From this year there is no more the official “Velo-vignette” in Switzerland. It was used to give third-party insurance to the cyclist. Starting this year it is responsibility of the cyclist to have this insurance.

Here you can read in German the history of the bike vignette in Switzerland. It all started in 1892!

For 2012 I’ve proposed Provelo association to create a vignette for its members. This was the quick idea I gave:

But then I wanted to do a vignette which would be similar to the old ones, at least in terms of size. So I did a personal one (hope it does not look too much to MCG party logo…):

Update (14.04.2012) So finally some days later I create a new one, bit more simpler:

If someones wants a personalized velo vignette, please contact me (miguel (at)

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