Daily Archives: September 11, 2012

Knowledge Management

In the last few months (a year?) my interest on knowledge management, both personal knowledge and team knowlegde has increased.

Since the time I started work at CERN, back in 2003, the usage of wikis become part of my daily life. Being creating, feeding, reading or just promoting. I find that knowledge should be shared no matter what.

Being now consultant the knowledge sharing is a topic that not everyone agrees on. Some advocate and practice that your knowlegde belongs to you and when providing some solution to a client you give them the least knowledge possible, so that they are dependent on you. On the opposite side, I promote the share of the knowledge and try to pass as much information as possible to clients so that they are not dependent on me or even on my company. My experience shows that the fact they admire this share of knowledge, they prefer to continue to call me or the company I work for to do the job, even though they have all the information that allows to do themselves (but not the experience).

But my goal has been to know what is the best way to manage knowlegde, both personal (a future blog entry) and collective. To learn more on this, currently I follow on this topic two sources:
Harvard Business Review – www.hbr.org
Harold Jarche – Life in Perpetual Beta – www.jarche.com