Monthly Archives: November 2012

Passport in 15 minutes

Today I went to renew my passport. After a bit more than five years I returned to the consulate in Geneva for this operation (see Passport, my friend). The consulate doesn’t take appointments, so every time I have to go to the consulate I think about the best time to arrive. Today I was lucky: arrived at 11:15 and 15 minutes later I was outside, with less 100 CHF (83 €) and my new passport will arrive home in the next 10 days! I’m afraid this rapidity goes with skipping some of the correct procedures, but well, I’m happy, they are happy. I took only my ‘permis B’ and ‘cartão do cidadão’ and was enough. At home I keep my expired old companion with visas and stamps of our world tour. Something I failed last time.