Gmail vs Google Inbox – why I keep Gmail

Twitter version: “The missing GoogleInbox Trash button that keeps me using Gmail”
LinkedIn version: “7 reasons why a Trash button is essential to Google Inbox”
Serious version: “Gmail button refrains users migrate to Google Inbox”

Google tries it again. When Gmail was born in 2004 it did not have “Delete” button. You could, via some menu, move a message to trash. Only two years later, in 2006, they added the delete button to the interface.
Now in 2014 Google Inbox, the next e-mail client of Google, starts again with not giving a quick delete option to some message that you are sure not want to keep. The kind of message that is “not really spam but I don’t care to keep it”.

For this unique reason I keep using Gmail. I’ve my habits of not keeping trash around, for much that I might like to collect things. Does Google has a “hoarding disorder” and wants to propagate it to everyone?

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