Monthly Archives: February 2015

AVIS car rental and billing currency

There are two sides of AVIS:
1- the cars they rent are quite new and good value.
2- the billing process is a scam.

On my last two rentals outside Switzerland every single piece of contract says the price in the local currency of the country where you rent the car. This last time in Iceland it even explicitly mentions the total bill will be in Icelandic kronas even though I’ve decided (over internet) on a price on Swiss Francs. I said at the counter in Reykjavik again that I want to be billed in kronas. Today I check my credit card and it was billed in Swiss francs. With a bad exchange rate. AVIS got an email. The previous time, upon no understandable answer from their customer, I’ve complained with VISA which at the end reimbursed me for the price difference. I’m afraid this time will go the same way.

Return from Iceland

Iceland in Winter is a black and white pencil drawing.


Beach by the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. The sea in background, big ice blocks coming from the glacier and blown snow over the dark sand.


On the flights back, always the same 7E seat, among a Boeing, Airbus and Avro planes: