Daily Archives: March 28, 2015

Swisscom, Centro Grande Business, Windows XP, WIFI and DHCP

At PROVELO Genève I’m responsible for the IT infrastructure.

Recently I made the association to profit from the Swisscom new packages. At lower monthly price we got the same as before, plus 3 free months + 100 Fr offer! This came with a new modem – Centro Grande Business – and move to phone over IP, but using normal analogic phones.

At beginning I was happy, as the previous Centro Grande was giving problems with Wifi connections and I had to buy an external wifi router.

But seems that Centro Grande Business has similar problems: PROVELO old Windows XP laptop cannot get DHCP address from the Wifi. And if we set a good IP address it connects but still there is no access to internet.

So I had to put out the external Wifi router again, which works like a charm.

Just I don’t have the patience to phone Swisscom and spend my time discussing over the phone the wifi problems of their routers with old hardware.