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Climate and the automotive industry scandal

Automotive industry pollutionOn the edge for a new climate conference (Paris, from 30th November), governments of the world continue to be more concerned about their short term economy than the impact on global health and long term economy.

The automotive industry scandal on toxic emissions should open their eyes about what their are letting happen to the world. It is not only about fines, but it is mainly about decreasing the usage of individual pollution generator vehicles.

The best solution for this has been drawn in multiple studies:

  • promote local employment, local economy, decrease commuting distances
  • promote active forms of transport, walk + bicycle to work and shopping
  • develop public transport for tourism and leisure usage, simplify transport of luggage, sports equipment and people from towns to leisure places
  • reduce the urban sprawl, bring back live to centers and community

I could also write about the noise pollution, which is to me another scandal from the same industry and for which authorities keep low profile.