Chromecast, Wingo/Swisscom router and wifi problems

We’ve bought some months ago a Pioneer Hifi system HM-76D that we are quite happy about. However since some time some of our devices have problems connecting to the wifi – either they don’t see each other, the connection cuts for some seconds and sometime the router just do not accept the connections on the 2.4G network (still visible). A reboot of the router solves the problem for some days.

After contacting Wingo, promptly they accepted to send us a new router. The problem was gone for some days but it is back today again. We are unable to use the 2.4G network and some of our devices (printer, internet radio) still don’t support 5G network.

Looking at the internet, we found out articles like “OK, Google: Why does Chromecast clobber Wi-Fi connections?“. Indeed, our Pioneer system has Chromecast built-in and we configured it to the 2.4G network. Even though we are environmentally conscious, we leave it on network stand-by so that we can use the phone to turn the Hifi on. “BAD” would write Trump.

I suspect the problem comes from a mix of the Chromecast built-in sending too many keep alive packets while “sleeping” and the router not having some safeguard defense to avoid being overloaded by them.

Today I’ve contacted both Wingo and Pioneer to get their opinion about these suspicion. I’ll keep this post up to date. Let me know if you also have problems with a Wingo or Swisscom router and a chromecast device.

[update 1]

Wingo m’a contacté passés deux jours à me dire qu’ils sont pour rien, le problème est avec le chromecast et que je dois contacter le fabriquant de mon appareil avec chromecast.

Since two weeks I’ve disabled the network stand-by on the Pioneer hifi and no more problems. It seems clear it come from there.


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