My microwave is 6 minutes late due to Kosovo-Serbia dispute!

My microwave this morning

Two days ago Eva noticed that strangely our microwave clock was some minutes late. We live in Switzerland and watch precision is important.

Today I stumble upon a news that left me mouth agape with incredulity. This was due Kosovo not being able to produce enough electricity and Servia not follow agreement to compensate that lack of energy. The option to avoid a blackout – if I understood correctly – was to automatically decrease, all around the interconnected electricity grid in Europe, the frequency from 50 Hz to around 49 Hz. It happens that many devices connected to the grid use the stable electricity frequency to keep their clocks in sync. So when for more than one month the current frequency was below usual, clocks are now about 6 minutes late. IoT (Internet of Things) devices, like mobile phones, smart TVs use internet to sync their clocks, so they are not affected.

This is crazy!

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