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Swiss web hosting comparison – what is the best?

Engineer answer: it depends. 🙂

Currently my hosting is in the US. It works fine, is quite cheap, but does offer Let’s Encrypt SSL certtificates. Also, from Europe, reaching sites in the US there is always some latency.

I’m going to show the results of my comparison of four different hosting providers in Switzerland, for small websites, mostly WordPress based, including its email management.

What are my web hosting requirements?

I manage three independent domains, with different users and targets. They are all wordpress based websites. Apart of that, I’ve a few PHP pages self developed, some dynamic photo albums, and other static pages.

For each of the domains I’ve a few email addresses, almost all of them only forward the email to other provider (Gmail or other).

I like to have SSH access. I need also one less secure FTP user to upload files to a specific folder.

Less than 100GB of space are needed. The space for emails is not important. I could also survive with 50GB.

As currently the browsers show the sites as unsecure when you do not have a SSL certificate, I also need one for each of the domains.