Yearly Archives: 2023

Train Lisbon-Madrid

For checking again in 10 years, if something changed.

When the train time would be the same, and we could go between Lisbon and Barcelona in 6 hours (or night train), then I think I could always travel by train from Switzerland back to Portugal.

Make it look like scanned

Example today:

I need to send via email a five page PDF document to a public service. As usual, I filled the document directly on the computer. One of the pages needs to be signed by me and another person. I printed out, got the signature and scan it back – but only this page. And this page only information is the date and signature of this person and mine. All remaining information – which the other person signed to confirm it is true – is on on the other pages.

Meaning: I’ve a scanned page I’m joining the other 4 pages to it, with the content I which. Not to make it look clearly a merge between a scanned page with 4 non-scanned pages, I use one of the online services that make PDFs to look like scanned!

Service used today: