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Reasons I don’t like Switzerland – Swiss Post

Again today I got angry at Swiss Post. I’m sending a small A5 photo calendar to Portugal. I check online, the stamps for 125 grams cost 7,50 Fr and I decide it is easier to go and send it directly at the office.

Arrived there, while waiting, I got approached and when looking at the envelopes they warn me: “you need a customs declaration” and gives me a cut off QR code that sends me to the Swiss Post website.

As my turn arrives soon, I wait few seconds to get to the desk. There she confirms that for sending a calendar I need a customs declaration, even though in the last few years I never did that and was never a problem.

The person starts to fill it up and at the end says: it is 28 Fr for the two letters. So, no only it is not considered letter but a “package” that costs 9 Fr and they charge 5 Fr for filling the form, without even informing before about it.

Just for the record, my previous adventures with the Swiss Post:

  • registered letter from Portugal (for voting in the elections) was returned after arriving to Bern, without trying to deliver. They admit it was a mistake
  • Several letters from Switzerland are returned without trying to deliver, because they are sent to my full name and on their system I had only one surname. It took months to solve and was even the Post Bank who at the end helped out to find the reason.
  • A registered priority letter with signature to Portugal took 20 days to be delivered and never got the signature or confirmation of deliver.

My summary is: Swiss Post delivers a bad expensive service, that unfortunately I cannot easily avoid.