Right to vote and democracy

Luxembourg refused to give right to vote to 46% of its population (now or when they achieve 18years old).

This mean that a “majority” in Luxembourg to do a “democratic” decision will continue to be 27% of the people that live in the country.

In Switzerland it is almost a quarter of the population which cannot count for the “democracy”. In most of other countries this value is smaller.

I regret that countries that need foreign people to help to build and improve their state, do not retribute to include them in the democracy system they claim to be.

Hopefully sometime soon this will change and democracy will include all the population that contribute to a state and not just those who have a passport with the flag of that same country.

Being a traveller in bureaucracy

No bureaucracy is ready for the traveler. Anything you’ll do when preparing your trip, like the medical insurance, asks what is your address. It’s mandatory to have one. Even when you just stop renting your apartment for traveling.

Same with the bank. I live everywhere of nowhere. Why my address can’t be only an email? Two of the few phone calls I got during this trip where from my bank to know how well they are serving me. Just horribly by making me paying for answering to their unknown number. I could reply a questionnaire if they would request me by e-mail.

Also, why national authorities can’t just have my e-mail as my “temporary” address? If I choose to give an email as address it would remove many rights as citizen, like the right to vote. It would remove my right to get an employment. And any necessary communication would come only by email. No more letters home thinking that I’ll be there, even if I said I will be traveling.

Once on return, to be able to get back to “normal” life you return to your full home address, whatever it is, an hotel room, a rented room or apartment.