Old web projects

Back in 1998 I started to develop websites. Below some of the sites I was the main web site responsible:

A Caixa MágicaA Caixa Mágica

When I was starting to be allergic to television in 1998 I created this webzine that I titled as: “Caixa Mágica – E-zine dedicada à análise e crítica televisiva”. Having all other parallel projects plus the university, I never got time to develop the site. https://anjo.pt/caixamagica/

Multi-Language Athletics Dictionary

Starting to help my father in his correspondence with other athletics statisticians soon I realized a problem was the understanding of other countries results. I’ve created this webpage that soon got filled with other languages that were sent to me. https://anjo.pt/athletics/dictionary.html

Viagens & Companhia logoViagens & Companhia

Site I developed alone in 2002, dedicated to find travel companions, being to share a lift, to travel far away or just to guide you around a town. It was the first Portuguese website of the genre. https://anjo.pt/viagens/

A Telefonia Virtual

A Telefonia Virtual

A Telefonia Virtual was the first magazine and webzine dedicated to the Radio as communication media in Portugal. It was founded by Nuno Ribeiro and me and existed between and 1998 and 2005 being a reference for everyone working in the media and in particular in the radio. The webzine included not only news but also interviews, audio programs, critics and suggestions. For the listener it provided among others the list of frequencies for many Portuguese cities. During some time it had a section dedicated to Brazil, run by people met online.

The editorial team was up to 10 people working in their spare time for their passion about Radio, including some very famous faces like Nuno Markl and Pedro Ribeiro. All the edition platform was developed in-house and using some tools for mailing lists and advertising management. It reached 100.000 visits to the home page in a single month. Due lack of time of the main editors and my migration out of Portugal, it was decided to close the site in February 2005.  Here you can see a screenshot of the site.


Cibertransistor was a brother project of A Telefonia Virtual. It was a world radio directory in Portuguese with direct links to listen the radio. In the advent of online emissions for the Portuguese radios, this site was seeing as a free advertisement point, due the ‘popularity’ listing. Soon it was seen the market was demanding not only for radio but also TV and webcams, so smaller websites were created. They shared the same base code but this time listing TVs with online broadcast and webcams. The directory allowed the visitors to suggest new radios or corrections to the existing ones. They could be easily searched by style, country of origin or name. As well as A Telefonia Virtual, due lack of time of the main editors and my migration out of Portugal, it was decided to close the site in February 2005. Here you can see a screenshot of the site.