5 July – wednesday

Yesterday after long trip from Lisbon while seeing the portuguese team
to be defeated a girl seat by me with a young boy and talking shared
with me a beer. She had left the boyfriend in the airport and needed
to talk. But not sure yet of how things work here I prefer not to give
much talk.

Arrived to Belo Horizonte (BH) my friend had not arrived yet. And of
course I did not have with me any contact of her. But 5 minutes later
the party begins. Her sister is architect, her boyfriend loves vinyls
and I felt ‘home’ while drinking ‘choppe’ at her new place, a huge
appartment in the city center. Now I’m at her mother place, in the
outskirts, just facing a favela, impressing favela. You need a key
even for the lift!

Well, and I’ve to leave now. Going to visit with Brana (sister) the
center. and I’ve to say, the invitations to the wedding are a piece of
art. They were done by a cubist painter friend of them. The cover of
it is a painting about them that is over their bed.