11 july – tuesday

I arrived Rio at 5:30am, it was dark and the city slept as I was doing
in the “leito” of the bus more comfortable than any economic class of
a long carrier flight.

The fear deposited on me about Rio made me wait until daylight showed
people faces. The idea was to get a bus to the center and get in a
typical tram (“bonde”)
(http://www.rio.rj.gov.br/riotur/pt/atracao/?CodAtr=1410) to my friend
house. I got out too late and instead of taking a bus back I wanted my
legs to feel the size of the city. It was 7am anyway. Two hours later,
coffee, food and a juice of another unknown fruit at a coffee shop of
a portuguese man in the stomach I arrived to the “bonde” line in Sta.
Teresa district. Tired and 2km still far from the house. I waited for
the old, crazy, marvelous tram which was going in the opposite
direction but with the direction I wanted in the top-front. Trip back
and forth and I arrived to gustavo and Jose place where Jose mother
and a friend were as well.

In front of a favela again – just heard some gun shots minutes ago –
and maracanã stadium in the view, the appart is in the floor -2 but as
its a hill there is a good view. Drafted some plans for the next days
and for the first time in this trio I went alone around (Brana, adorei
sua companhia!, que saudade). city center, many little, little
museums, a mix of buildings, a 4 euro wrist watch bought, moved to
street shopping area (Saara district), loved the city at that moment,
wanted to live here, if the city was not so huge. I ate in a 1st floor
restaurant for 2 euro where the rice and beans sauce were to share,
only the meat was individual. I took a boat and Niteroi here we go for
the museum of contemporary art
(http://www.richschwarz.com/thesixthday/awakenings/rio/Niteroi.asp). a
30 minute walk still to arrive there and my pain when they said it was
closed for changing some lights. It broke my day. 30 minutes back.
Boat ride back. Decided to go to Modern Art Museum, 1 hour for visit
only. But wrong bus taken and I end up in Leblon and Ipanema beach
district (like 10km further that I wanted). Unfortunately there was no
more sun and few people in the beach. Beaches which are very similar
to the portuguese ones, appart for having beach volley and football
schools until late night (with lights, of course).

Tired to write but still to tell the fear of ‘cariocas’ in the
“mêtro”. The sleep in the theater show later in the evening. And
thoughts during the “day”: that Rio is like Seul in amount of people
and shops. Like Palermo in amazing hided churches. and a huge bridge
like in Lisbon.