Daily Archives: April 7, 2008


Taipei MRTThe organization suggested a taxi, I took the metro and walk. The hotel is nice but no free internet…
Hot and humid Taiwan. and a mix of south Korea and Kuala-Lumpur. Still behind cleaness of Japan. However people are friendly, come to try to help. First lunch – lamb with sweet melon – is not to repeat. After walking in foot massage path, hardly supported, I discover a barber for a secon asiatic hair cut experience. Of course couln’t be as good as Japan, the place was worst. Several women cutting the hair to men, a man talking to clients. No english speaker so was machine, 9mm at top, 3 at sides. First cut the ton of hair, then put shampoo on dry head and wash with head down to small bath tub, with women washing all my face altogether. A few hot towels and two candies as offer against 350T$. Some more walk through the Ginza of Taipei, full of shops with strange dresses, metro to a temple and hotspring baths to finish the day. Different than in Japan, there is no washing beginning and is mixed with swimming suit.