Daily Archives: April 9, 2008

The gym

I went for the body combat class at 22:00. The full of lights gym had a queue of 30 people to enter the classroom. Inseide several from previous class stayed. 30 guys, maybe 20 girls and a class in chinese. In the changing rooms while not all showers were taken (they are covered with courtain), the queue for specific one. In the sauna I stepped to the 2nd floor and everyone starred at me. I believe I shouldn’t have put the feet on the 1st floor. And of course they never show them naked. On the way back I mistake in the train and went to different line.

Taiwan – day 3

Hard time to wake up. Not today the swimming pool. But chinese breakfast and misou soup. I’ll try to change return to HK to Thursday. And good would be to change return to GVA via Partis, but I don’t believe I can. In Taiwan now I think to visit Taroko National Park and then some hot-springs a bit south.
This morning I went to contemporary Art Museum. Quite small, simple exibition. The MRT to North, Dashiu, a costal village at the delta of the river that crosses Taipei. Lots of small shops and lunch at small restaurant with photos. And fruite juice of some strange fruit. Now is my turn to take taxi to conference. At night the gym.