Daily Archives: April 15, 2008

Budism Theme Park of “Fogwangshan”

I stayed in their pelegrins lodge this night after bowing for some tooth and trying to write nice sentences in chinese. Like any other religious place they live of donations but they have a gold 20m statue of buda (which is fat) and hundreds of other golden small ones. Not to talk about the 5 souvenir shops, 3 restaurants and even an ATM, just in case you did not bring enough to give them. My donation was thousand dolars for sleep and two (nice) meals. Same I would pay outside.

Taiwan – day 10

Bike in the rain, feet in warm Pacific, noodle soup breakfast. Problems getting money, but machines at 7/11 worked. Lunch pointing to a dish and that costed 85TWD. It was curry chicken. Is getting easier to understand the information. I like the thing of gathering small pieces and understand a chinece only timetable.