Daily Archives: April 17, 2008

Hong Kong – day 1

Kilometers of advance by Hong Kong compared to NY, London, Barcelona… On arrival to Kawloon a lights show on the other side (Central) buildings was going on with music. Now back to Chunking Mansions, the queue to elevators, all smuggles of mobile phones and the indian restaurants.

Hong Kong

When I like something I try to write it beautiful. The city had impact on me. Because is very easy, western style with translation in chinese. The confortable weather helped an the hotel to be not worst than I expected also.

Missing only company. Would be great to have E here, discover together this amazing town.

One afternoon based on Nathan Road and the Chunking Mansions, the boat to Central, the escalator, small parks (and natural smell) in middle of the city, finished with a beer in a terrace of “Fringe”, some supposely alternative club. Well, music (Morcheeba?) is nice.