Crazy trip before new job – Going East 2023

East. Like in 2009 with Eva. Next Stop: Where? was our blog. This time I am going alone and only for 17 days instead of 1 year.

Going East, AI generated image

Today was my last day at Trivadis/Accenture. After 13 years, I decided it was the moment to change employers. I’ve had great moments and I’m proud to have had the opportunity to work at Trivadis until the end of the company and its integration into a large corporation.

Until I start working at Tradeware, I’ll have two full weeks to myself. I had a lot of options as to what to do, and I soon decided that I had to take the train. “I’d much rather go by train”, is a citation I’ve printed on a t-shirt. Where to go, that was the next decision.

The challenge began to come together. There is a cargo ship that crosses the Black Sea. There is Mount Athos in Greece which can only be visited by men. There are many places in Eastern Europe that I haven’t been to and that I’d like to cycle one day with Eva. The planned trip is almost a challenge to go the furthest and come back in 17 days only by land and sea.

Tomorrow I’m going to take the train to the south of Italy. Next Stop: Where?

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