Day 5 – Greece


I’m freezing, The air conditioner does not produce hot air and the two blankets are not enough. I take a third one.


I’m still cold. I try once more the AC. The feet are cold. I wear thermic underwear and hat. I redo the bed to reorganize the blankets. I’m sleeping in the sofa of the deceased grand-mother of the couchsurfing host. The house is not heated.

My bed, still before going to sleep.


I get up. I’ve the feeling the sun outside is warmer than inside. I wash my face, dress up, redo the backpack. Eat a packed croissant that I had bought in Albania. The couchsurfing host said he will appear at 9:00.


I stand outside at the sun. Macedonia is one sunniest countries of the world. Backpack is ready. Without signs of Georgi at 9:28 I call him. He says he comes immediately, I think I woke him up. Soon after comes a black Mercedes to pick me up. It the the father of another couchsurfer, who will drive me to Polykastro, the first village in Greece, about 30km south from where I’m. Georgi appears in pajamas and I quickly say thanks and goodbye.

My driver does not speak English. With google translate – that translates in Macedonian, written in Cyrillic – I tell him about my trip. He seems to understand. At Polykastro I buy the bus ticket to Thessaloniki, get something to eat and a coffee. I’m very tired.


The bus arrives Thessaloniki, at the terminal about 3km from the center. There is no side walk at the first kilometer, everyone seems to take a taxi. I find the travel agency that confirms where I can pick up the bus on Wednesday. I walk a bit more and see with the Moovit app that I can probably catch the previous bus to Ouranopolis at planned, if I take a city bus. There is lot of traffic, it will be really short. The bus arrives to the terminal at 14:32, my bus to Ouranopolis is scheduled at 14:30, the next one at 17:45. I already start thinking what I’ll do in this time and at the same time I look around if the bus is still there. No sign of bus ready to leave. I turn back to the city bus, when a bus with sign Ouranopolis comes in my direction. I stop him and managed that the driver accepts to sell me the ticket directly. The trip is nice, via green hills of the Halkidiki region. I take a nap.


Sunset at Ouranopolis

The bus arrives at sunset. It is really beautiful the sea. I take a room in a hotel, turn on the AC to warm the room and get a hot shower. The stomach complains that is long time since he had some food. After a tour in the small village, I decide to go to a restaurant where already some group of men are seated. Take a grilled feta with tomato and then a grilled octopus accompanied with a glass of cold red wine. Really nice. But I’m really tired. Happy that in Greece I can again pay with card everywhere.

Grilled octopus for dinner

Tomorrow will be another long day. I’m not sure if I’ll have the opportunity and internet to post something.

Next Stop: Mont Athos – Vatopedi Monastery.