Day 7 – Greece (part II)


My room partners get up already for the liturgy at 07:00. I stay in bed 30 more minutes. At 7h the liturgy starts. Monks and pilgrims walk around in the church kissing each religious figure, while other monks and priest read and sing. The incense passes, more music. It lasts until 09:15. Then is lunch, composed this time by fish soup, salad and biscuits. I talk a bit more with the Serbian room mate, he is going to every monastery in the peninsula. While making time for the return boat, I drink a greek coffee.


I arrive with the boat at Ierissos and walk fast 20 minutes to the village, hobbling. My right foot hurts and is swallowed from twisting yesterday. I get a antiinflammatory in the pharmacy. The bus back to Thessaloniki will takes 2h.


I already have the ticket for the night bus to Istanbul. Since Covid there is no train from Greece to other countries. I exchange my remaining Macedonian dinars to Turkish liras and do the laundry. I found out that the storm in the Black Sea few days ago might imply changes in my plans. I get a Gyros before going back to the station where the bus will leave.

The bus is quite new, we are so far 3 passengers. Got served tea and water, but proposed movies are only in Turkish. Well, I’ve radio Paradise on the phone.

Bus to Istanbul, with 2+1 configuration

Next Stop: Turkey