[Extra post] Navigating Gender Lines: Turkey’s Quirky Public Transport Rules

Note: Text “improved” using ChatGPT.

Hey travelers! Ever booked a seat on public transport and had to specify your gender? Well, welcome to Turkey! In this unique travel experience, seating next to someone of the opposite sex is a bit of a no-no, unless you book together.

Trains: Clear as Day

Turkey’s train system doesn’t beat around the bush. Try booking seats next to someone of the opposite sex, and bam! You’re hit with a clear message saying, “Not allowed.” They’re serious about keeping guys and gals in their separate travel lanes.

Not sex mixture in train ticket

Buses: No Mix and Match

Now, buses take it up a notch. Most systems won’t even let you book seats next to the opposite sex. No ifs, ands, or buts. It’s a full-on restriction. Talk about keeping things strictly platonic on the road!

Bus reservation in Turkey

Why the Fuss?

Sure, some argue it’s about passenger comfort and safety. But seems not everyone’s on board with this gender-segregated journey. Critics say it’s a buzzkill for personal freedom. Solo travelers, especially those outside traditional gender norms, might find it a tad awkward or downright frustrating.

In a Nutshell

Turkey’s public transport rules add a unique twist to your travel tale. All aboard! 🚂✨