Daily Archives: December 12, 2014

Knowledge sharing

Several currents of knowledge sharing exist in my surrounding work environment:

  • those who don’t share or just when explicitly asked;
  • those who share or are willing to share but having a so confusing way of thought that makes almost impossible to profit;
  • those who share clearly all they know at the most simple request
  • those who share before any request by an electronic way – document sent by email or a post on a blog or a wiki.

I like to promote this latter way of sharing as it benefits also those who are afraid to ask (dumb questions?) and those who are just curious. If the blog or wiki are public this can be even better as more people who don’t know the “expert” can profit.

Sharing through a blog or wiki should be thought and feedback given so the presentation improves. People should be given time to blog, to document into wiki and motivated to follow what others share.

This way we increase in a cheap way the global knowledge of the organisation and, within fields of speciality, its prestige.